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Nervous about treatment or just want a long treatment to pass by quickly? Sedation Dentistry may help.

Some people are so worried about visiting the dentist, they avoid attending regular appointments or getting vital treatment to protect the health of their teeth. This reluctance to see the dentist can be due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Concern about potential pain
  • Feeling out of control
  • Fear of being judged if their teeth are in poor condition
  • Bad childhood experiences
  • Strange sounds and smells
  • A needlephobia

If you have dental anxiety, IV sedation is a safe, effective way to make you feel completely relaxed and much more willing to undergo treatment. Your worries will be eliminated but you remain conscious and able to answer questions, so the sedation dentist can treat you more effectively.

What is Sedation dentistry?

Put simply, sedation dentistry uses medication to aid relaxation for patients during dental procedures. There are levels of sedation ranging from minimal to general anaesthesia.

How does conscious dental sedation work?

We use IV conscious sedation to help you relax during your appointment. Your sedation dentist will place a cannula in your hand or arm before the procedure begins. Once administered, you will immediately feel more relaxed; you may even feel sleepy. We will then complete your dental procedure. You will need someone with you to take you home and look after you that night. You might feel like sleeping when you get home. When you wake up, you might only remember small parts of the treatment.

Why choose to have sedation?

  • Makes you feel completely relaxed and anxiety-free
  • Rapid onset of the calming effects
  • Level of sedation can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Can help you forget the treatment process
  • Allows you to communicate with the dentist

Also known as conscious sedation, this treatment can help nervous patients overcome their fear. You’ll be awake but less alert, which means you’ll find it easier to relax.

Is this the same as a general anaesthetic?

No, with a general anaesthetic, you are asleep and won’t wake up until the anaesthetic wears off. With conscious sedation, you will feel drowsy and less alert. You might drift off to sleep, but you will be easily woken with a tap from the sedation dentist. Patients often report that they don’t remember the procedure and that it went by very quickly.

Who is suitable for dental sedation?

You will need to complete a health questionnaire before we can administer this type of treatment. If you are in good health and don’t suffer from sleep apnoea, you are likely to be a good candidate for dental sedation.  Please ask your dentist for more information.

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