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Achieve a stunning smile transformation with professional teeth-whitening from Silk Dental. Enjoy a teeth-whitening experience like no other.

Professional teeth-whitening penetrates deep into the tooth to flush out deep-set stains. Under dental supervision, teeth-whitening is safe and effective, with minimal increase insensitivity.

What is teeth-whitening?

We use professional, prescription-only whitening solutions that can penetrate the tooth’s surface to oxidise and flush out staining particles. While your teeth may look solid, they are porous like a sponge. This means they soak up stains from food, drink and lifestyle choices. Teeth-whitening is the only way to elevate the tooth shade without causing any long term damage to the tooth structure.

How long before I see results?

After your initial consultation, it will take around two weeks for your custom trays to arrive. Then, you can pick up your teeth-whitening kit from the Dental Practice. If you choose Boutique Whitening Day, you will wear the trays for one hour per day for 3-4 weeks. If you select Boutique Whitening Night, you will wear the trays for up to 4 hours or overnight for 3-4 weeks.

Is Boutique Whitening safe?

All teeth-whitening comes with some risk of increased sensitivity or irritation to the gums. By using professional teeth-whitening products, you can minimise the risk of both. Custom trays help to keep the product in the correct place and avoid getting any on your gums. By using professional products, it guarantees the right balance of ingredients to minimise any sensitivity.

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