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Unveiling the Future of Dental Care: EMS GBT Protocol


Welcome to the dawn of a new era in dental care! As technology continues to advance, the dental industry has witnessed a revolutionary treatment known as the EMS GBT Protocol.

This groundbreaking protocol redefines dental cleanings, providing patients with a superior alternative to traditional scale and polishing. Let’s delve into the world of EMS GBT and discover how it elevates oral health to new heights.

What is EMS GBT Protocol?

EMS GBT Protocol is an innovative dental cleaning technique that surpasses the limitations of traditional scale and polishing. GBT stands for “Guided Biofilm Therapy,” which is a comprehensive approach to oral hygiene, targeting biofilm removal and thorough dental cleaning.

The Protocol:

  1. Biofilm Detection: Biofilm is a sticky layer of bacteria that adheres to teeth and gum surfaces, causing plaque buildup and leading to various dental issues. With EMS GBT Protocol, dental professionals use special solutions and advanced technology to detect and highlight areas with biofilm deposits.
  2. Airflow Therapy: This revolutionary therapy involves using a controlled stream of air, water, and fine powder to remove biofilm, plaque, and stains from the teeth and gumline. The fine powder is specifically designed to be gentle on the teeth while effectively dislodging stubborn stains and plaque
  3. Piezon Technology: EMS GBT Protocol incorporates Piezon technology, an ultrasonic device that safely and gently removes tartar and calculus deposits without causing damage to the tooth structure.
  4. Perioflow Technology: Perioflow is an integral part of the protocol, designed to clean periodontal pockets and effectively treat gum disease, promoting healthy gums and preventing future oral health complications.

EMS GBT Protocol vs. Traditional Scale and Polishing:

  1. Precision Cleaning: Traditional scale and polishing might miss hidden biofilm and plaque, leading to incomplete cleaning. EMS GBT Protocol, on the other hand, precisely detects and targets biofilm, ensuring a more thorough and effective cleaning.
  2. Gentle and Comfortable: Traditional scaling can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially for patients with sensitive teeth. EMS GBT Protocol offers a gentle experience, providing a more pleasant dental visit.
  3. Advanced Technology: EMS GBT Protocol utilizes cutting-edge technologies like Piezon and Perioflow to enhance the cleaning process, making it faster and more efficient compared to traditional scaling.
  4. Comprehensive Gum Care: The EMS GBT Protocol goes beyond mere cleaning; it focuses on periodontal health, effectively treating gum disease and maintaining healthy gums for a lifetime.
  5. Stain Removal: Stubborn stains from tea, coffee, or tobacco are effortlessly removed with the fine powder used in EMS GBT Protocol, leaving your smile brilliantly clean and bright.

Embrace the Future of Dental Care:

At Silk Dental we are dedicated to providing our patients with the latest advancements in dental care. The EMS GBT Protocol represents the future of dental cleanings, surpassing traditional scale and polishing in terms of precision, comfort, and efficiency.

Our team of highly skilled dental professionals is trained in the EMS GBT Protocol, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care for your oral health needs. Experience the unparalleled benefits of EMS GBT, and say hello to a healthier, more radiant smile!

EMS GBT Protocol has set a new benchmark in dental care, redefining the dental cleaning experience for patients. Its advanced technology, precision cleaning, and focus on gum health make it a superior alternative to traditional scale and polishing.

At Silk Dental we believe in providing our patients with the best possible care, and that’s why we proudly offer EMS GBT Protocol as a part of our comprehensive dental services.

Take the leap into the future of dental care with EMS GBT Protocol. Schedule your appointment today and discover the difference it can make in your oral health journey!

Book online at to experience the revolution in hygiene care.

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